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  1. Bike-sharing systems have emerged as a significant element of urban mobility, providing an environmentally friendly transportation alternative. With the increasing integration of electric bikes alongside mecha...

    Authors: Jordi Grau-Escolano, Aleix Bassolas and Julian Vicens
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2024 13:48
  2. A variety of complex socioeconomic phenomena, for example, migration, commuting, and trade can be abstracted by spatial interaction networks, where nodes represent geographic locations and weighted edges conve...

    Authors: Chengling Tang, Lei Dong, Hao Guo, Xuechen Wang, Xiao-Jian Chen, Quanhua Dong and Yu Liu
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2024 13:46
  3. Detecting early signals of an outbreak in a viral process is challenging due to its exponential nature, yet crucial given the benefits to public health it can provide. If available, the network structure where...

    Authors: David Martín-Corral, Manuel García-Herranz, Manuel Cebrian and Esteban Moro
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2024 13:43
  4. This paper examines Russia’s propaganda discourse on Twitter during the 2022 invasion of Ukraine. The study employs network analysis, natural language processing (NLP) techniques, and qualitative analysis to i...

    Authors: Iuliia Alieva, Ian Kloo and Kathleen M. Carley
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2024 13:42
  5. Over the last decade, several regulatory bodies have started requiring the disclosure of non-financial information from publicly listed companies, in light of the investors’ increasing attention to Environment...

    Authors: Marco Bronzini, Carlo Nicolini, Bruno Lepri, Andrea Passerini and Jacopo Staiano
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2024 13:41
  6. Social media platforms can play a pivotal role in shaping public opinion during times of crisis and controversy. The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a large amount of dubious information being shared online. In ...

    Authors: Bart De Clerck, Juan Carlos Fernandez Toledano, Filip Van Utterbeeck and Luis E. C. Rocha
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2024 13:40
  7. In an era of increasing political polarization, its analysis becomes crucial for the understanding of democratic dynamics. This paper presents a comprehensive research on measuring political polarization on X ...

    Authors: Pau Muñoz, Alejandro Bellogín, Raúl Barba-Rojas and Fernando Díez
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2024 13:39
  8. We assess whether the classic psychometric paradigm of risk perception can be improved or supplanted by novel approaches relying on language embeddings. To this end, we introduce the Basel Risk Norms, a large ...

    Authors: Zak Hussain, Rui Mata and Dirk U. Wulff
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2024 13:38
  9. Why do some songs and musicians become successful while others do not? We show that one of the reasons may be the “first-mover advantage”: artists that stand at the foundation of new music genres tend to be mo...

    Authors: Oleg Sobchuk, Mason Youngblood and Olivier Morin
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2024 13:37
  10. It is surprising that women are often charged more for products and services marketed explicitly to them. This phenomenon, known as the pink tax, is a major issue that questions women’s buying power. Neverthel...

    Authors: Amir Mehrjoo, Rubén Cuevas and Ángel Cuevas
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2024 13:36
  11. Organized attempts to manipulate public opinion during election run-ups have dominated online debates in the last few years. Such attempts require numerous accounts to act in coordination to exert influence. Yet,...

    Authors: Serena Tardelli, Leonardo Nizzoli, Marco Avvenuti, Stefano Cresci and Maurizio Tesconi
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2024 13:33
  12. Success in sports is a complex phenomenon that has only garnered limited research attention. In particular, we lack a deep scientific understanding of success in sports like tennis and the factors that contrib...

    Authors: Chiara Zappalà, Sandro Sousa, Tiago Cunha, Alessandro Pluchino, Andrea Rapisarda and Roberta Sinatra
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2024 13:32
  13. The escalation of urban traffic congestion has reached a critical extent due to rapid urbanization, capturing considerable attention within urban science and transportation research. Although preceding studies...

    Authors: Rui Chen, Yuming Lin, Huan Yan, Jiazhen Liu, Yu Liu and Yong Li
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2024 13:30
  14. The ongoing debate surrounding the impact of the Internet Research Agency’s (IRA) social media campaign during the 2016 U.S. presidential election has largely overshadowed the involvement of other actors. Our ...

    Authors: Matteo Serafino, Zhenkun Zhou, José S. Andrade Jr., Alexandre Bovet and Hernán A. Makse
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2024 13:29
  15. Social Media (SM) has become a popular medium for individuals to share their opinions on various topics, including politics, social issues, and daily affairs. During controversial events such as political elec...

    Authors: Zhiwei Zhou and Erick Elejalde
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2024 13:28
  16. For U.S. presidential elections, most states use the so-called winner-take-all system, in which the state’s presidential electors are awarded to the winning political party in the state after a popular vote ph...

    Authors: Manuel Pratelli, Marinella Petrocchi, Fabio Saracco and Rocco De Nicola
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2024 13:25
  17. Despite the historically documented regularity in human mobility patterns, the relaxation of spatial and temporal constraints, brought by the widespread adoption of telecommuting and e-commerce during the COVI...

    Authors: Mohamed Amine Bouzaghrane, Hassan Obeid, Marta González and Joan Walker
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2024 13:24
  18. Automated positioning devices can generate large datasets with information on the movement of humans, animals and objects, revealing patterns of movement, hot spots and overlaps among others. However, in the c...

    Authors: Jorge P. Rodríguez, Xabier Irigoien, Carlos M. Duarte and Víctor M. Eguíluz
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2024 13:23
  19. This paper examines the phenomenon of residential segregation in Berlin over time using a dynamic clustering analysis approach. Previous research has examined the phenomenon of residential segregation in Berli...

    Authors: Víctor H. Masías H., Julia Stier, Pilar Navarro R., Mauricio A. Valle, Sigifredo Laengle, Augusto A. Vargas and Fernando A. Crespo R.
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2024 13:21
  20. The same individuals can express very different emotions in online social media with respect to face-to-face interactions, partially because of intrinsic limitations of the digital environments and partially b...

    Authors: Anna Bertani, Riccardo Gallotti, Stefano Menini, Pierluigi Sacco and Manlio De Domenico
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2024 13:20
  21. In this paper, we engage with and expand on the keynote talk about the “Right to Audit” given by Prof. Christian Sandvig at the International Conference on Computational Social Science 2021 through a critical ...

    Authors: Aleksandra Urman, Ivan Smirnov and Jana Lasser
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2024 13:19
  22. Higher-order networks are widely used to describe complex systems in which interactions can involve more than two entities at once. In this paper, we focus on inclusion within higher-order networks, referring ...

    Authors: Nicholas W. Landry, Jean-Gabriel Young and Nicole Eikmeier
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2024 13:17
  23. Deductive and theory-driven research starts by asking questions. Finding tentative answers to these questions in the literature is next. It is followed by gathering, preparing and modelling relevant data to em...

    Authors: Aliakbar Akbaritabar
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2024 13:14
  24. In her 2021 IC2S2 keynote talk, “Critical Data Theory,” Margaret Hu builds off Critical Race Theory, privacy law, and big data surveillance to grapple with questions at the intersection of big data and legal j...

    Authors: Sarah Shugars
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2024 13:13
  25. From small steps to great leaps, metaphors of spatial mobility abound to describe discovery processes. Here, we ground these ideas in formal terms by systematically studying mobility patterns in the scientific...

    Authors: Chakresh Kumar Singh, Liubov Tupikina, Fabrice Lécuyer, Michele Starnini and Marc Santolini
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2024 13:12
  26. The spread of misinformation poses a threat to the social media ecosystem. Effective countermeasures to mitigate this threat require that social media platforms be able to accurately detect low-credibility acc...

    Authors: Bao Tran Truong, Oliver Melbourne Allen and Filippo Menczer
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2024 13:10
  27. The indirect correlation among financial institutions, stemming from similarities in their portfolios, is a primary driver of systemic risk. However, most existing research overlooks the influence of portfolio...

    Authors: Manjin Shao and Hong Fan
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2024 13:9
  28. Most human activities require collaborations within and across formal or informal teams. Our understanding of how the collaborative efforts spent by teams relate to their performance is still a matter of debat...

    Authors: Francesco Carli, Pietro Foini, Nicolò Gozzi, Nicola Perra and Rossano Schifanella
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2024 13:7
  29. Estimation of people’s home locations using location-based services data from smartphones is a common task in human mobility assessment. However, commonly used home detection algorithms (HDAs) are often arbitr...

    Authors: Rajat Verma, Shagun Mittal, Zengxiang Lei, Xiaowei Chen and Satish V. Ukkusuri
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2024 13:6
  30. The analysis of social networks, in particular those describing face-to-face interactions between individuals, is complex due to the intertwining of the topological and temporal aspects. We revisit here both, ...

    Authors: Stéphane Plaszczynski, Gilberto Nakamura, Basile Grammaticos and Mathilde Badoual
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2024 13:4
  31. There is an ongoing shift in computational social science towards validating our methodologies and improving the reliability of our findings. This is tremendously exciting in that we are moving beyond explorat...

    Authors: Carolina E. S. Mattsson
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2024 13:3
  32. The emergence of generative AI has sparked substantial discussions, with the potential to have profound impacts on society in all aspects. As emerging technologies continue to advance, it is imperative to faci...

    Authors: Kunihiro Miyazaki, Taichi Murayama, Takayuki Uchiba, Jisun An and Haewoon Kwak
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2024 13:2
  33. It is often thought that an external threat increases the internal cohesion of a nation, and thus decreases polarization. We examine this proposition by analyzing NATO discussion dynamics on Finnish social med...

    Authors: Yan Xia, Antti Gronow, Arttu Malkamäki, Tuomas Ylä-Anttila, Barbara Keller and Mikko Kivelä
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2024 13:1

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