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  1. A simple model, named the flow and jump model (FJM) is used for describing commuter fluxes at different distances. The model is based on a master equation which allows a local net probability flow and non-loca...

    Authors: Levente Varga, Géza Tóth and Zoltán Néda
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2018 7:37
  2. In the hospitality industry, the room and apartment sharing platform of Airbnb has been accused of unfair competition. Detractors have pointed out the chronic lack of proper legislation. Unfortunately, there i...

    Authors: Giovanni Quattrone, Andrew Greatorex, Daniele Quercia, Licia Capra and Mirco Musolesi
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2018 7:31
  3. According to personality psychology, personality traits determine many aspects of human behaviour. However, validating this insight in large groups has been challenging so far, due to the scarcity of multi-cha...

    Authors: Laura Alessandretti, Sune Lehmann and Andrea Baronchelli
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2018 7:36
  4. Railways are a key infrastructure for any modern country. The reliability and resilience of this peculiar transportation system may be challenged by different shocks such as disruptions, strikes and adverse we...

    Authors: Bernardo Monechi, Pietro Gravino, Riccardo Di Clemente and Vito D. P. Servedio
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2018 7:35
  5. Understanding the importance of links in transmitting information in a network can provide ways to hinder or postpone ongoing dynamical phenomena like the spreading of epidemic or the diffusion of information....

    Authors: Qian Zhang, Márton Karsai and Alessandro Vespignani
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2018 7:33
  6. We investigate Bitcoin network observing transactions broadcasted into the network during a week from 04/05/2016 and then monitoring their inclusion into the blockchain during the following seven months.We unv...

    Authors: Giuseppe Pappalardo, Tiziana Di Matteo, Guido Caldarelli and Tomaso Aste
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2018 7:30
  7. In Latin America, shopping malls seem to offer an open, safe and democratic version of the public space. However, it is often difficult to quantitatively measure whether they indeed foster, hinder, or are neut...

    Authors: Mariano G. Beiró, Loreto Bravo, Diego Caro, Ciro Cattuto, Leo Ferres and Eduardo Graells-Garrido
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2018 7:28
  8. Very low birth weight (VLBW) infants require specialized care in neonatal intensive care units. In the United States (U.S.), such infants frequently are transferred between hospitals. Although these neonatal t...

    Authors: Munik Shrestha, Samuel V. Scarpino, Erika M. Edwards, Lucy T. Greenberg and Jeffrey D. Horbar
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2018 7:27
  9. Social capital has been studied in economics, sociology and political science as one of the key elements that promote the development of modern societies. It can be defined as the source of capital that facili...

    Authors: Marco Mamei, Francesca Pancotto, Marco De Nadai, Bruno Lepri, Michele Vescovi, Franco Zambonelli and Alex Pentland
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2018 7:25
  10. Human mobility always had a great influence on the spreading of cultural, social and technological ideas. Developing realistic models that allow for a better understanding, prediction and control of such coupl...

    Authors: Nataša Djurdjevac Conrad, Luzie Helfmann, Johannes Zonker, Stefanie Winkelmann and Christof Schütte
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2018 7:24
  11. Subway and bus networks work as an integrated multiplex transportation system and play an indispensable role in modern big cities. Even though a variety of works have investigated the coupling dynamics of mult...

    Authors: Zhihao Zheng, Zhiren Huang, Fan Zhang and Pu Wang
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2018 7:23
  12. In this paper, we follow the short-ranged Syrian refugees’ migration to Lebanon as documented by the UNHCR. We propose a model inspired by the Debye–Hückel theory and show that it properly predicts the refugee...

    Authors: Sara Najem and Ghaleb Faour
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2018 7:22
  13. Popularity prediction has been studied in diverse online contexts with demonstrable practical, sociological and technical benefit. Here, we add to the popularity prediction literature by studying the popularit...

    Authors: Christoph Trattner, Dominik Moesslang and David Elsweiler
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2018 7:20
  14. As users of mobile devices make phone calls, browse the web, or use an app, large volumes of data are routinely generated that are a potentially useful source for investigating human behavior in space. However...

    Authors: Luca Scherrer, Martin Tomko, Peter Ranacher and Robert Weibel
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2018 7:19
  15. As dominant factors driving human actions, personalities can be excellent indicators to predict the offline and online behavior of individuals. However, because of the great expense and inevitable subjectivity...

    Authors: Zhenkun Zhou, Ke Xu and Jichang Zhao
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2018 7:18
  16. Billions of users of mobile phones, social media platforms, and other technologies generate an increasingly large volume of data that has the potential to be leveraged towards solving public health challenges....

    Authors: Moritz U. G. Kraemer, D. Bisanzio, R. C. Reiner, R. Zakar, J. B. Hawkins, C. C. Freifeld, D. L. Smith, S. I. Hay, J. S. Brownstein and T. Alex Perkins
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2018 7:16
  17. Recurrent interactions between agents play an essential role in the organization of a dynamic complex system. While intensive researches have been done on social systems formed by human interactions, dynamical...

    Authors: Teruyoshi Kobayashi and Taro Takaguchi
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2018 7:15
  18. Estimating revenue and business demand of a newly opened venue is paramount as these early stages often involve critical decisions such as first rounds of staffing and resource allocation. Traditionally, this ...

    Authors: Krittika D’Silva, Anastasios Noulas, Mirco Musolesi, Cecilia Mascolo and Max Sklar
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2018 7:13
  19. International aid is a complex system: it involves different issues, countries, and donors. In this paper, we use web crawling to collect information about the activities of international aid organizations on ...

    Authors: Michele Coscia, Katsumasa Hamaguchi, Maria Elena Pinglo and Antonio Giuffrida
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2018 7:12
  20. Identifying the factors that influence academic performance is an essential part of educational research. Previous studies have documented the importance of personality traits, class attendance, and social net...

    Authors: Valentin Kassarnig, Enys Mones, Andreas Bjerre-Nielsen, Piotr Sapiezynski, David Dreyer Lassen and Sune Lehmann
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2018 7:10
  21. Using a large dataset with individual-level demographic information of almost 60,000 families in contemporary Finland, we analyse the regional variation and cultural assortativity by studying the network betwe...

    Authors: Kunal Bhattacharya, Venla Berg, Asim Ghosh, Daniel Monsivais, János Kertész, Kimmo Kaski and Anna Rotkirch
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2018 7:9
  22. Societal unrest and similar events are important for societies, but it is often difficult to quantify their effects on individuals, hindering a timely and effective policy-making in emergencies and in particul...

    Authors: Xiaowen Dong, Joachim Meyer, Erez Shmueli, Burçin Bozkaya and Alex Pentland
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2018 7:8
  23. Reading remains the preferred leisure activity for most individuals, continuing to offer a unique path to knowledge and learning. As such, books remain an important cultural product, consumed widely. Yet, whil...

    Authors: Burcu Yucesoy, Xindi Wang, Junming Huang and Albert-László Barabási
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2018 7:7
  24. In this paper we investigate the regularities characterizing the temporal purchasing behavior of the customers of a retail market chain. Most of the literature studying purchasing behavior focuses on what cust...

    Authors: Riccardo Guidotti, Lorenzo Gabrielli, Anna Monreale, Dino Pedreschi and Fosca Giannotti
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2018 7:6
  25. Preserving individual control over private information is one of the rising concerns in our digital society. Online social networks exist in application ecosystems that allow them to access data from other ser...

    Authors: David Garcia, Mansi Goel, Amod Kant Agrawal and Ponnurangam Kumaraguru
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2018 7:3
  26. Predictive models for human mobility have important applications in many fields including traffic control, ubiquitous computing, and contextual advertisement. The predictive performance of models in literature...

    Authors: Andrea Cuttone, Sune Lehmann and Marta C. González
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2018 7:2
  27. Understanding the association between customer demographics and behaviour is critical for operators of indoor retail spaces. This study explores such an association based on a combined understanding of custome...

    Authors: Yongli Ren, Martin Tomko, Flora D Salim, Jeffrey Chan and Mark Sanderson
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2018 7:1
  28. Social networks are made out of strong and weak ties having very different structural and dynamical properties. But what features of human interaction build a strong tie? Here we approach this question from a ...

    Authors: Henry Navarro, Giovanna Miritello, Arturo Canales and Esteban Moro
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2017 6:31
  29. Emerging trends in the use of smartphones, online mapping applications, and social media, in addition to the geo-located data they generate, provide opportunities to trace users’ socio-economic activities in a...

    Authors: Lei Dong, Sicong Chen, Yunsheng Cheng, Zhengwei Wu, Chao Li and Haishan Wu
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2017 6:29
  30. The emergence and global adoption of social media has rendered possible the real-time estimation of population-scale sentiment, an extraordinary capacity which has profound implications for our understanding o...

    Authors: Andrew J Reagan, Christopher M Danforth, Brian Tivnan, Jake Ryland Williams and Peter Sheridan Dodds
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2017 6:28
  31. Understanding and modeling the mobility of individuals is of paramount importance for public health. In particular, mobility characterization is key to predict the spatial and temporal diffusion of human-trans...

    Authors: Gianni Barlacchi, Christos Perentis, Abhinav Mehrotra, Mirco Musolesi and Bruno Lepri
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2017 6:27
  32. The immense growth of the social Web, which has made a large amount of user data easily and publicly available, has opened a whole new spectrum for research in social behavioral sciences. However, as the volum...

    Authors: Vanessa Peña-Araya, Mauricio Quezada, Barbara Poblete and Denis Parra
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2017 6:25
  33. The emergence of large stores of transactional data generated by increasing use of digital devices presents a huge opportunity for policymakers to improve their knowledge of the local environment and thus make...

    Authors: Graham McNeill, Jonathan Bright and Scott A Hale
    Citation: EPJ Data Science 2017 6:24

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