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TableĀ 4 Features of the meta-networks representing the community structure for the uniform sample

From: A large-scale community structure analysis in Facebook

Feature FNCA LPA
No. nodes/edges 36,248/836,130 35,276/785,751
Min./Max./Avg. weight 1/16,088/1.47 1/7,712/1.47
Size largest conn. comp. 99.76% 99.75%
Avg. degree 46.13 44.54
2nd largest eigenvalue 171.54 23.63
Effective diameter 4.85 4.45
Avg. clustering coefficient 0.1236 0.1318
Density 0.127% 0.126%
  1. In this table we report some statistics regarding the community structure meta-network obtained from the uniform sample, by using the two chosen community detection algorithms (i.e., FNCA and LPA).