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Table 1 BFS and uniform samples description

From: A large-scale community structure analysis in Facebook

Feature BFS Uniform
No. visited users 63.4K 48.1K
No. discovered neighbors 8.21M 7.69M
No. total edges 12.58M 7.84M
Size largest connected component 98.98% 94.96%
Avg. degree (visited users) 396.8 326.0
2nd largest eigenvalue 68.93 23.63
Effective diameter 8.69 14.72
Avg. clustering coefficient 1.8810−2 1.4010−3
Density 0.626% 0.678%
  1. In this table we report some statistics regarding the two samples, BFS and uniform, which have been collected during August 2010 from the Facebook social network.