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Table 1 Language patterns of communities

From: Word usage mirrors community structure in the online social network Twitter

Community Language feature Number of occurrences
n**ga, poppin, chillin shortened endings (‘er’ → ‘a’ or ‘ing’ → ‘in’) 50
pln, edtech, edublogs amalgamated words 31
anipals, pawsome, furever animal based puns 31
bieber, pleasee, <33 lengthened endings (repeated last letter) 28
kstew, robsessed, twilighters amalgamations/puns around Twilight movie genre 28
tdd, mvc, linq acronyms 25
kradam, glambert, glamily puns around pop star Adam Lambert 15
  1. Language patterns found in communities from Figure 1. We looked at the top 100 words used significantly more than the rest of the population for each community, identified language patterns, and counted the number of occurrences. A word has been starred to avoid offence.