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Table 3 Main communities description for 2019 and 2020 news networks

From: News sharing on Twitter reveals emergent fragmentation of media agenda and persistent polarization

Community Alias Nodes (%) Main Media Outlets Main Topics
Center-Right I 18.68 Clarin, Infobae, La Nacion Justice, National Elections, Economy
Center-Left I 14.75 Pagina 12, El Destape National Actuality, Economy, National Elections
Center-Left II 8.34 El Destape, Pagina 12 National Actuality, National Election
International 5.5 Infobae International Actuality
Center-Right II 4.4 Clarin, Infobae, La Nacion, Todo Noticias Justice, National Election
Radical Left 3.4 Izquierda Diario Politics, Public Health, Economy
Center-Right I 16.07 Clarin, Infobae, La Nacion Covid + Politics, Illegal Espionage
Center-Left I 11.33 El Destape, Pagina 12 Covid + Politics, Exporting Company Affaire, Illegal Espionage
Center-Left II 8.61 Pagina 12, El Destape National Actuality, Economy, Covid Daily Report
Center-Right II 7.43 Infobae, La Nacion, Clarin International Covid, Covid Daily Report, Justice
Radical Left 7.1 La Izquierda Diario llegal Espionage, Globally Known Racial Issue
International 4.5 Infobae International Actuality