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TableĀ 6 Summary of hashtags used by MVMC clusters of Chinese state-sponsored accounts. Hashtags marked with a (*) are the hashtags with the top 3 highest tf-idf scores. Italics indicate hashtags did not undergo translation; otherwise they were in Chinese

From: Mapping state-sponsored information operations with multi-view modularity clustering

Era Cluster Hashtags
Era 1 Cluster 0: Defend Hong Kong Hong Kong, Mob, Defending Hong Kong, Protest*, Black Police, Defend Hong Kong, Hong Kong Police, Waste Youth*, Hong Kong Protests*, Guo Wengui
Cluster 1: Guo Wengui and Bannon Guo Wen Gui, Bannon, Hong Kong, Mob, Wang Yanping*, Defending Hong Kong, New York Times*, Wengui*, Protest, Hong Kong Police
Cluster 2: Hong Kong and Taiwan Elections Wang Liqiang*, Tsai Ingwen*, Hong Kong, Taiwan Election*, Hong Kong Election, Legislative Council, Guo Wengui, Hong Kong Human Rights And Democracy Act, Wang Liqiang, Defending Hong Kong
Cluster 3: Kpop Fans and Health Tips Hong Kong, Guo Wengui, Health Tips*, Hong Kong*, Twitter Best Fandom*, Team BTS, Soompi Awards, Charming China, Defending Hong Kong, HK
Cluster 4: Stop Violence and Love Country Hong Kong, Guo Wengui, Defend Hong Kong*, Stop Violence And Chaos*, Defend Hong Kong, Bannon, Mob, Police*, Hong Kong Police, Love The Country And Love Hong Kong
Cluster 5: Guo Liar and COVID-19 Guo Wengui, Hong Kong, Pneumonia*, Fever*, Guo Liar*, Miles Guo, Karaoke, Fraud, COVID19, Crypto
Cluster 6: Love Hong Kong and Support the Police Guo Wengui*, Hong Kong, Guo*, Defending Hong Kong, Black Police, Love Hong Kong And Support The Police*, Hong Kong Election, Legislative Council, Bannon, Guo Wengui
Era 2 Cluster 0: Stop Violence and the Color Revolution Hong Kong, Guowengui, Guarding Hong Kong, Police*, Pneumonia, Stop Violence And Control Chaos*, Virus, Mob, Color Revolution*, Color Revolution
Cluster 1: Guo Wen Gui Con Man Guo Wengui, Hong Kong, Miles Guo*, Bannon, Con Man*, Legal Fund*, Pneumonia, Wengui, Guo Liar, Pandemic
Cluster 2: Encouraging China during COVID Pneumonia, Hong Kong, Guo Wengui, Virus, COVID19*, Pandemic, Come On Wuhan*, Wuhan Epidemic*, Come On China, Novel Coronavirus
Cluster 3: Carrie Lam and Hong Kong Peace Hong Kong, Guo*, Old Monk Says Hong Kong*, Hong Kong*, Guo Wengui, Bannon, Carrie Lam, New York Times, I Say To Carrie Lam, Hong Kong Peace
Cluster 4: Stop Violence during Elections Hong Kong, Stop Violence And Control Chaos*, Defending Hong Kong*, Guo Wengui, Bannon*, Hong Kong Election, Legislative Council, Protests, Hong Kong Human Rights And Democracy Act, HK
Cluster 5: Punishment for Protestors Hong Kong, Mob, Protests*, Mobs Destroy Youth*, Severe Punishments For Mobs*, Cockroach, Defending Hong Kong, Hong Kong Protests, Hong Kong Mob, Defend Hong Kong
Cluster 6: Guo Wengui Fugitive Hong Kong, Hong Kong Election*, Legislative Council*, Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, Guo*, Guo Wengui, New York Times, Hypocrite, Wall Street, Fugitive
Cluster 7: Western Musicals and the Pandemic Guo Wengui*, Tootsie Musical*, Hong Kong, Guo Wengui, AMAs*, Guo Wengui, Pandemic, The Prom Musical, Hong Kong, T Shirt Day
Cluster 8: Assorted Entertainment and Hong Kong Encouragement Hala Madrid*, Hong Kong, Stop Violence And Control Chaos*, Love*, Disney Plus, Guo Wengui, Bannon, Come On Hong Kong, Toyota, iSmart Shankar
Cluster 9: Justin Bieber and Stopping Hong Kong Violence Hong Kong*, Hong Kong Garrison*, Stop Violence and Control Chaos*, Hong Kong Police, Port, Janta Curfew, Evde Kal, Changes Out Now, Changes Tour
Cluster 10: Hong Kong (Isolated) Hong Kong*
Cluster 11: Guo Wengui (Isolated) Guo Wengui*