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TableĀ 4 Synthesis of MVMC-based mapping of Chinese state-sponsored account clusters

From: Mapping state-sponsored information operations with multi-view modularity clustering

Strategic Theme Narrative and Network Information Maneuvers
Time 1 Time 2
Hong Kong and Anti-Protest - Dismay: Negatively frame protestors as violent and chaotic mobs
- Build and Enhance: Expand group consensus around positive views of nation and police as sources of order
- Boost and Distract: Masquerade as organic k-pop or health community
- Dismay: Negatively frame protestors and demand punishment
- Enhance: Positively ask for peace to quell electoral chaos
- Boost and Distract: Masquerade as organic community of Western music
Guo Wengui and Anti-Fugitive - Boost and Dismay: Amplify organized community denouncing Guo as a liar and unreliable right-wing conspiracist - Dismay: Denounce Guo as con man and self-interested fugitive
Pandemic Care and Community (not yet present) - Boost and Enhance: Amplify organized community of national strength and solidarity in time of crisis for China and Hong Kong