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Table 1 Description and number of pages for the 20 Facebook categories

From: Predictive modeling to study lifestyle politics with Facebook likes

Category Description # pages
Music Music, bands, producers, record labels, albums etc. 835
Companies & Business Companies, entrepreneurs, stores, shops etc. 833
Communities Communities, interests and places 824
Apps, Websites & Blogs Apps, websites and blogs 511
Products & Services Products, brands, financial services, marketing etc. 487
Artists & Public Figures Artists and public figures 414
News & Media News, media, radio, magazines etc. 396
Tv Shows TV shows and episodes 349
Games, Humor & Entertainment Games, humor, amusement, comedy etc. 316
Sports & Health Sports, athletes, gym, health 250
Civil Society Nonprofit organizations, labor unions and religious oranizations 249
Politics Politicians, political parties and government organizations 229
Food, Drinks & Restaurants Food, cooking, restaurants, breweries etc. 228
Movies Movies, films, actors and cinema 212
Arts & Culture Arts, culture, photography, museums etc. 193
Events & Festivals Events, festivals and concerts 166
Books & Authors Books, libraries, publishers, writers 109
Bars, Cafes & Night clubs Bars, cafes, pubs, clubs etc. 108
School, University & Education Schools, universities, student organizations and education 99
Travel Travel, tour agencies and tourism 92