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TableĀ 1 Products of the three highest complementarity scores and substitutability scores with the query products

From: Extracting complements and substitutes from sales data: a network perspective

Query product Complement Substitute
Organic Blueberries 0.14 Organic Raspberries 0.50 Blueberries
0.059 Organic Strawberries 0.13 Green Seedless Grapes
0.048 Organic Cherry Tomatoes 0.070 Tomatoes on the Vine
Loose Cucumbers 0.098 Salad Tomatoes 0.54 Organic Loose Cucumbers
0.089 Baby Plum Tomatoes 0.21 Courgette Spaghetti
0.079 Tomatoes on the Vine 0.18 Sliced Runner Beans
Salad Tomatoes 0.098 Loose Cucumbers 0.83 Tomatoes on the Vine
0.063 Iceberg Lettuce 0.79 Baby Plum Tomatoes
0.046 Mixed Peppers 0.74 Cherry Tomatoes