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Table 3 Groups of word types as topics. Upper table: the 20 most frequent words in the 12 topics (word groups) found in the consensus partition of the Hyperlink + Text model. Lower table: the topic proportion (8) of the four groups of documents

From: Multilayer networks for text analysis with multiple data types

Group Topic 1 Topic 2 Topic 3 Topic 4 Topic 5 Topic 6 Topic 7 Topic 8 Topic 9 Topic 10 Topic 11 Topic 12
  occur chemical protein one system group transform action happen quantum every factor
  specific loop cell also time space law translation frequency equation basis expression
  within electron site use state define critical class fast transformation unique region
  process transition activity form work field magnetic line output theorem degree molecular
  produce chemistry pathway function second point matter measure input symmetry positive sequence
  increase atom cellular give effect theory scale central algorithm dimension open information
  mechanism stable organism two phase value plane primary digital denote close end
  cause ion amino may interaction product spectrum unknown   classical fix molecule
  acid pattern enzyme however potential constant volume interior   let reference domain
  target crystal synthesis example could vector temperature surface   mechanic exact signal
  step reach species result derive physic axis side   coordinate closed alternative
  bind prediction tissue call difference physical statistical center   lie restrict bond
  gene label proteins first full energy sign flow   real picture family
  control compound cancer different free element effective copy   mathematics infinitesimal interact
  human reaction activate know hold particle symbol block   geometry index cycle
  encode crystallography genetic make observe parameter speed configuration   operator interpretation biological
  body oxygen membrane number research whose electric read   differential formulate life
  dna solid release structure propose mathematical equilibrium alternate   representation equivalently translate
  rate unstable mutation show year linear unchanged table   invariant maximal structural
  formation atomic regulation include paper matrix assumption transport   generalize scheme biology
1 (Mathematics) 0.1481 0.0213 0.0444 0.400 0.0578 0.0722 0.0510 0.0127 0.00163 0.147 0.0105 0.0338
2 (Physics) 0.138 0.0409 0.0291 0.404 0.0643 0.0710 0.07940 0.0127 0.0009583 0.105 0.0102 0.0445
3 (Biology) 0.297 0.0234 0.0536 0.351 0.0673 0.0426 0.0313 0.0121 0.00166 0.0347 0.00929 0.0759
4 (New Group) 0.107 0.0342 0.0355 0.405 0.0771 0.0728 0.0895 0.0122 0.00156 0.112 0.0113 0.0428