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Table 1 Properties of the different layers of the scientific networks and the Core over which link prediction is computed. We show the number of nodes N, the total weight \(W = \sum_{i j \alpha } w_{ij}^{\alpha }\), the average degree \(\langle k\rangle \), the overlap between the collaboration layer and the other layers, and the global clustering coefficient C. The overlap is defined as the fraction of links in the collaboration layer that are also present in citations layer or keyword layers

From: Prediction of new scientific collaborations through multiplex networks

Network N W k Overlap C
Collaborations layer 24,366 78,082 5.42 0.5
Citations layer 24,366 275,260 8.9 0.33 0.24
Keywords layer 24,366 28,872,677 1998 1 0.44
Core 5944 17,635 4.27 0.45