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Table 1 AURORA data collection schema [4]

From: Connecting and linking neurocognitive, digital phenotyping, physiologic, psychophysical, neuroimaging, genomic, & sensor data with survey data

Assessment type ED W1 W2 W3 W4 W8 W12 M3 M6 M9 M12
Self-Report x   x    x   x x   x
Flash Surveys x Daily Every other day during W3 to W12 Weekly rotating assessments
Passive Digital Continuous (every day for a year)
Study Watch (aka Wearable) Continuous (every day) Variable 1 (weekly or daily)
Neurocognitive Assessment x Day 2 and then Weekly rotating battery   Quarterly rotating battery
Neuroimaging    x1       x1   
Psychophysical    x1       x1   
Medical Record x           
Blood x         x1   
Saliva x1 x1 x1 x1 x1       
  1. The combination of data collections involving survey and big data streams. ED = emergency department (i.e., baseline data); W = Weekly data; and M = Monthly data. 1Subsample of participants via adaptive sampling.