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Table 6 Significant COVID-19 events. We defined an acronym for each event and reported it in the main text plots. Please note that this list does not intend to be exhaustive or to establish a ranking between events

From: Dark Web Marketplaces and COVID-19: before the vaccine

Date Event Acronym
2020-1-23 Wuhan Lockdown [1] Wuhan
2020-3-9 Italy Lockdown [74] Italy
2020-3-18 USA’s President Trump first refers to chloroquine [79] Trump 1
2020-3-27 USA’s President Trump signs the CARES act [80] Cares
2020-4-3 1M COVID-19 cases worldwide [90] 1M cases
2020-4-5 USA’s President Trump promotes the use of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine against COVID-19 [87] Trump 2
2020-4-24 COVID-19 cases in Europe are beggining to slow down [86] Europe
2020-5-18 USA’s President Trump declares he is taking hydroxychloroquine preventively against COVID-19 [88] Trump 3
2020-6-9 Governments start to lift lockdown measures around the world [76] Openings
2020-6-30 USA senate agrees to extend small business rescue [81] SBA
2020-7-28 Twitter limits Donald Trump Jr’s account for posting COVID-19 misinformation [89] Trump 4
2020-9-7 Spain is the first country in Europe to record half a million COVID-19 cases [77] Second wave
2020-9-10 Negotiations for the Heroes act keep failing [82] Heroes
2020-10-31 PM announces four-week England lockdown [78] New lockdowns