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Table 1 Words for which at least one shock segment was close in norm to a spatial mean shock segment as detailed in Sect. 2. We display the distributions of “shock points”—hypothesized deterministic maxima of the noisy mechanistically-generated time series—in Fig. 13. Every word may also have several “shock points” where each point could corresponds to a different shock dynamics due to the way each word is used throughout its life span on the platform, hence a few of these examples (e.g. rumble, anonymity, #nowplaying) appear in multiple categories

From: The shocklet transform: a decomposition method for the identification of local, mechanism-driven dynamics in sociotechnical time series

ClassificationShock shapeWords
Type ISlow buildup, fast relaxationrumble, veterans, dusty, labour, scattered, hampshire, #tinychat, elected, ballot, selection, labor, entering, beam, phenomenon, voters, mamma, anonymity, republican, #nowplaying, indictment, wages, conservatives, pulse, knee, grammy, essays, #tcot, kentucky, fml, netherlands, jingle, valid, whitman, syracuse, dems, deposit, bail, tomb, walker, reader
Type IIFast buildup, slow relaxationxbox, chained, yale, bombing, holocaust, connecticut, #tinychat, civilian, jill, turkish, tsunami, ferry, #letsbehonest, beam, agreement, riley, ethics, phenomenon, harriet, privacy, israeli, #nowplaying, gun, dub, pulse, killings, herman, enormous, fbi, dmc, searched, norman, joan, affected, arthur, sandra, radiation, army, walker, reader,
Type IIIRoughly symmetricrumble, memorial, sleigh, veterans, costumes, greeks, britney, separated, father’s, shark, grammys, labor, costume, x-mas, bunny, commonwealth, clause, olympics, olympic, daylight, cyber, wrapping, rudolph, drowned, re-election