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Table 1 Parameters that are either used directly as inputs in our model, Eqs. (5) and (6), or used to determine or postulate those input parameters. The firm-size distribution (FSD) emerges for the conditions stated in the table, particularly that there are no interdependencies among the parameters for a node (one particularly problematic one would be that \(h_{i}\) and/or \(k_{i}\) were correlated, but our results do not support this)

From: A network theory of inter-firm labor flows

Parameter Empirical Model Model conditions for FSD
\(\lambda _{i}\)
\(\xi _{i}\) (function of \(h_{i},v_{i}\))
\(h_{i}\) \(0< h_{i}\leq 1\), no parameter interdependencies
\(v_{i}\) \(0< v_{i}\leq 1\), no parameter interdependencies
\(a_{ij}\) (determined from \(f_{ij}\))