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Table 1 Represents all the data points in which the graph distance (using FON and HON+) falls outside the 2σ threshold. The column “value” indicates the difference between the graph distance (obtained from FON or HON+) and the closest 2σ threshold (with respect to the moving average). TP refers to true positive values (correct anomalies), which are marked as bold. FP refers to false positive values. HON+ correctly detects anomalies, results in much lower false positives, and is more robust in presence of noise

From: Efficient modeling of higher-order dependencies in networks: from algorithm to application for anomaly detection

 FON before noiseFON after noiseHON+ before noiseHON+ after noise
TP;FP2;4 1;5 2;1 2;1 
Precision0.333 0.167 0.667 0.667 
Recall1 0.5 1 1