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Table 2 The names of the top 9 influential indicators based on PageRank in the second column and their actual PageRank values in the first column

From: A new set of cluster driven composite development indicators

0.006764Mobile cellular subscriptions
0.004666Share of tariff lines with specific rates, manufactured products (%)
0.003717Children in employment, wage workers, male (% of male children in employment, ages 7–14)
0.003706Unemployment, male (% of male labor force) (national estimate)
0.003129Mobile cellular subscriptions (per 100 people)
0.002939Central government debt, total (% of GDP)
0.00276Share of youth not in education, employment or training, female (% of female youth population)
0.002686Population ages 30–34, female (% of female population)
0.002553GDP (current US$)