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Table A3 List of the words in each tweet-LDA estimated topics along with their suggested potential names

From: Psychology and morality of political extremists: evidence from Twitter language analysis of alt-right and Antifa

Topic Top words and hashtags in the topic Suggested name
0 video, playlist, added, music, book, nowplaying, song, love, star, movie, soundcloud, listening, episode, youtube, film Entertainment
1 day, good, great, love, time, back, happy, home, morning, drinking, night, today, food, house, snow, ice, park, coffee Pleasure
2 latest, libraries, out, daily, today, scorpio, learn, adoption, old, stories, domestic, short, editor, thoughts, letter Latest News
3 good, time, love, people, make, feel, day, life, pretty, night, work, today, thought Feelings
4 trump, people, president, obama, hillary, vote, good, stop, news, time, fake, america, make, gop, country, hope, media, party, dems, white Election
5 game, good, team, stats, football, team, great, win, play, week, season, nfl Sport
6 police, man, people, gun, killed, school, black, protest, cops, shooting, white, muslim, military, shot, arrested, illegal Gun Control
7 photo, check, love, gameinsight, art, happy, size, follow, day, photoset, added, photography, ipad, persiscope, beautiful Photography
8 people, good, read, make, twitter, tweet, thing, thought, pretty, bad, feel, understand, time, article, agree, find NA (Noise)
9 maga, trump, resist, theresistamce, vote, impeachtrump, trumpshutdown, trumprussia, releasethememo, trumptrain, tcot, fakenews, feelthebern, notmypresident Anti-Trump
10 les, des, du, trump, pour, qui, président, pas, une, sur, dans Spanish
11 trump, obama, donald, clinton, president, news, house, white, fbi, russia, video, gop, campaign, election, state, russian, bill, tcot, senate, cnn, mueller Russian-Related Allegations
12 lol, fuck, shit, good, people, love, white, lmao, twitter, guy, ass, make, real, hell, damn, god, holly, dude NA (Noise)
13 people, follower, unfollowed, automatically, unfollowers, stats, person, today, week, past, found, gained, miles, latest, lost, day Social Media Activity
14 people, white, black, women, hate, men, world, country, america, war, jews, whites, stop, political, racist, race, trump, support, free Racial
15 love, happy, good, god, hope, day, birthday, life, bless, people, jesus, miss, glad, hear Religious
16 great, check, win, join, today, day, free, enter, tonight, live, support, badge, school, chance, meeting, event, tomorrow, excited, happy, community, students Community Events
17 media, great, learn, twitter, social, data, business, account, check, google, marketing, free, health, policy, violates, temporarily Social Media Policies and Marketing
18 police, support, climate, people, join, black, city, stop, march, protest, solidarity, water, rights, fight, justice, community, rally, blacklivesmatter, stand Minorities Rights and Environment
19 tax, bill, health, vote, pay, state, illegal, care, senate, gop, congress, government, money, million, healthcare, plan, jobs, law Tax and Healthcare