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Table A2 List of Antifa groups in U.S. who have active Twitter account on December 2017

From: Psychology and morality of political extremists: evidence from Twitter language analysis of alt-right and Antifa

No. Name Twitter screen name
1 AK Press AKPressDistro
2 Anarcho Anon AnarchoAnon
3 Anonymous Calm Anonymous_Ca1m
4 Antifa News antifa_news1
5 Antifa Philadelphia PhillyANTIFA
6 Antifa Seven Hills ash_antifa
7 Atlanta Antifascists afainatl
8 Antifascist Action Phoenix AFAPHX
9 Berkeley Antifa berkeleyantifa
10 Eugene Antifa eugeneantifa
11 HubCityAntifa HubCityAntifa
12 It’s Going Down IGD_News
13 Natalie Solidarity constantnatalie
14 Natalie Solidarity C0nst4ntN4t4l13
15 Nebraska Antifa antifa_ne
16 New York City Antifa NYCAntifa
17 Occupy Oakland OccupyOakland
18 Official Antifa OfficialAntifa
19 Orlando Antifa OrlandoAntifa
20 Rocky Mountain Antifa RckyMtnAntifa
21 Rose City Antifa RoseCityAntifa
22 Sam Tyler RadNewsMedia
23 TORCH TorchAntifa
24 Unicorn Riot UR_Ninja
25 Wolftrap AF WolftrapAF