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Table 1 The semantic meaning vocabulary of 34 POIs determined based on all POIs identified for 38 users participating in the experiment. “Close” is in the same city and “Far” is in a different city. “Local” is in the same country and “Global” is in a different country

From: Identifying and predicting social lifestyles in people’s trajectories by neural networks

Acronym Semantic meaning Acronym Semantic meaning
H Home W Work
CP Close partner FP Far partner
CP Close parents FP Far parents
CPP Close partner’s parents FPP Far partner’s parents
CF Close family FF Far family
CFr Close friend FFr Far friend
S Study PH Prayer house
ASL Advanced study locally ASG Advanced study globally
Sh Shopping D Drive in a car
M Medical treatments Gy Gym
CEF Child educational framework PC Personal care
Er Errands AT Animal treatments
LV Local vacation GV Global vacation
V Volunteering G Group activate
PT Public transportation CT Car treatments
SE Social entertainment CR Cultural recreation
O Other U Unknown