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Figure 2

From: Traveling heterogeneity in public transportation

Figure 2

Map of time in logarithmic color scale. (a) Several morning bus trips are shown in Fortaleza. The trips were divided into constant spaces of \(\Delta s^{*} = 10\mbox{ m}\) and the colors plotted on the map are the values of \(\log_{10} \Delta t^{*}\), with their values indicated in the scale. (b) One trip from the several in (a) is selected and highlighted on the map (a). The start and end locations of this trip are also illustrated. The route of this trip is performed by the 75 bus route with \(\Delta s^{*}= 10\mbox{ m}\) and the colors shown in (b) correspond to the values of \(\Delta t^{*}\) in a logarithmic scale. (c) Time series of \(\Delta t^{*}\) of the interpolated path of the trip em (b). Each value of the series represents the amount of time demanded to go through each respective piece of 10 m

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