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Table 3 Metrics characterising social and spatial behaviour. The metrics are defined in Sect. 3

From: Understanding the interplay between social and spatial behaviour

  Exploration Exploitation: Diversity Exploitation: Evolution
Spatial New locations/week, \(n_{\mathrm{loc}}\) Activity space size, C Activity space stability, \(J_{\mathrm{AS}}\)
Activity space entropy, \(H_{\mathrm{AS}}\) Activity space rank turnover, \(R_{\mathrm{AS}}\)
Social New ties/week, \(n_{\mathrm{tie}}\) Social circle size, k Social circle stability, \(J_{\mathrm{SC}}\)
Social circle entropy, \(H_{\mathrm{SC}}\) Social circle rank turnover, \(R_{\mathrm{SC}}\)