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Figure 7

From: Feature analysis of multidisciplinary scientific collaboration patterns based on PNAS

Figure 7

Interdisciplinary extents of specific disciplines. For each considered discipline i, we denote its authors, its authors involved in interdisciplinary research, its papers, and its interdisciplinary papers by sets \(A_{i}\), \(A^{I}_{i}\), \(P_{i}\) and \(P^{I}_{i}\) respectively. Denote the giant component of coauthorship network PNAS 1999–2013 by S. The indexes are \(|P_{i}|\) in Panel (a), \(|P_{i}\cap I_{i}|/|I_{i}|\) in Panel (b), \(|P_{i}\cap P^{I}_{i}|/|P^{I}_{i}|\) in Panel (c), \(|A_{i}|\) in Panel (d), \(|A_{i}\cap S|/|A_{i}|\) in Panel (e), and \(|A_{i}\cap A^{I}_{i}|/|A_{i}|\) in Panel (f)

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