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Table 1 Cross-validated model performance (10-fold cross-validation)

From: Predicting human mobility through the assimilation of social media traces into mobility models

Model Commuting network Air travel network
ρ \(\mathbf{r}^{\boldsymbol{2}}\) ρ \(\mathbf{r}^{\boldsymbol{2}}\)
Gravity model 0.69 0.41 0.68 0.40
Radiation model () 0.78 0.60 0.47 −0.21
Flickr model 0.69 0.47 0.78 0.62
Hybrid gravity model 0.79 0.62 0.84 0.72
Hybrid radiation model 0.85 0.73 0.80 0.64
  1. The table shows the performance of the hybrid models in terms of the Pearson correlation coefficient ρ and the determination coefficient \(\mathrm{r}^{2}\). We also display the results for the gravity model, the radiation model and the Flickr model alone. All the values were produced under a 10-fold cross-validation scheme, except for the radiation model (as noted by the asterisk), which is parameter free.