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Figure 1

From: Predicting human mobility through the assimilation of social media traces into mobility models

Figure 1

Prediction ratio for large flows as a function of distance. In each panel, grey dots correspond to the flows between basins as predicted by the gravity model (\(g_{ij}\)), by the Flickr model (\(f_{ij}\)), and by the hybrid model combining both (\(h_{ij}\)), in relation to the real flows, and as a function of distance between basins. Flows predictions were all made under a 10-fold cross-validation scheme. (A), (B), (C): Commuting network of the US. (D), (E), (F): Air-transportation network of the US. Only flows above 100 passengers are shown, and the color intensity at each point represents the total passenger flows aggregated under a certain distance and prediction ratio. Boxplots represent interquartile ranges.

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