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Table 3 Notability via Google trend data

From: Women through the glass ceiling: gender asymmetries in Wikipedia

  Num. regions Num. months
  β Std. err. p β Std. err. p
Intercept 0.4417 0.048 3.4120 0.021
C(gender)[T.female] 0.2792 0.117 0.1220 0.052
AIC 20,939.81 53,351.84
Num. obs. 5,998 5,998
  1. Negative binomial regression results where the number of regions or number of months with search volume above the Google threshold are used as independent variables and gender is used as dependent variable. We use a random sample of 5,998 people born between 1900 and 2000 to fit the model. Women in Wikipedia are of interest to people from more geographic regions than men, on average. And they are of interest during more months. : p<0.001, : p<0.05