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Figure 1

From: Topology and evolution of the network of western classical music composers

Figure 1

Construction of the network from data, and backbone of the composer network. (A) The network representation of ArkivMusic data. The association between the CDs and composers visualized as a bipartite network (left). One-mode projection of the bipartite network onto the set of composers by connecting composers when they are associated with a common CD (right). (B) The composer-composer network backbone, projected from the CD-composer network, reveals the major component of the network. The node sizes represent the composers’ degrees, and the colors represent their active periods (violet - Baroque, pink - Classical, red - Romantic, orange - Modern). Serrano’s [15] algorithm was used to extract the backbone. (C) The cumulative distributions for the bipartite degree q, the number of CDs in which a composer was featured (blue), and the projected degree k, the number of composers with whom a composer was co-featured on at least one CD (red). Both exhibit a right-skewed behavior.

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