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Table 3 Example tweets during Boston bombings

From: The ripple of fear, sympathy and solidarity during the Boston bombings

Fear #prayforboston #bostonstrong
[Boston] Emergency situation!!! Everybody gets out the station!!!! #boston #mbta #suck (@ MBTA Park Street Station - @mbtagm)
[Boston] Theyre blowing shit up in Boston now? Keep that shit outta here
[NY] What a scary scene in Boston...... Bet it was a terrorist attack
[Washington] What the hell just happened in Boston
[Denver] Bombing in Boston?! Damn, the world is just all fucked up now.
[Montreal] @MTLDaniel in Boston no and in the united states at this point HELL NOOOO
[Boston] #PrayForBoston how could you sick fucks bomb my hometown
[NY] so glad the few people i know in boston are okay. #prayforboston #staysafe #devastating
[Washington] Sure glad I’m not in #Boston like I was supposed to be this weekend. Love you @SarahM152 #prayforboston #bostonmanhunt
[Denver] The acts of violence done by the people that attack others are unforgivable. We need to spread love around the world. #prayforboston
[Montreal] Thank God my family up in Boston is alright!! #prayforboston rest in peace to these 2 souls that left us today.
[Boston] @GreshandZo time to show the world why Boston truly is a great city. You know we will respond the way a city should. #BostonStrong
[NY] Rivalry over? @Yankees: #Yankees fans show their support for Boston. #BostonStrong
[Washington] ‘@ValaAfshar: WE WILL RUN AGAIN. #bostonstrong’ - Absolutely. And with more pride than ever!
[Denver] Such an emotional week for this country. Never been more proud to be an American. #BOSTONSTRONG #WestTX
[Montreal] @blaisp @Anthony_Milano merci! Beautiful day to run a fun race in Montreal! #bostonstrong #runforboston