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Table 2 Codes used in the analysis

From: The ripple of fear, sympathy and solidarity during the Boston bombings

Code Description Example(s)
A1 Positive comments or anticipation about the progress of the bombing case, including appreciation for progress or for resolving this case/reporting the progress/celebration ‘Suspect is alive and in custody! #bostonstrong’ ‘To the @Boston_Police ,FBI and State Police, a job well done. Slainte cheers, what a great start to the weekend. #bostonstrong #thankyou’ ‘Toasting a drink to Boston’s finest and the best city in the US with my favorite masshole @SaucyMeats #BostonStrong’
A2 Comments related to the identity of a city of the country, including love and pride for Boston or from other cities/Solidarity as ‘American’, ‘Bostonian’, or ‘New England’ ‘Watching the Red Sox game even though I hate them. Gotta show respect to the people of Boston. #BostonStrong’ ‘@BarackObama : We refuse to be terrorized. #manhunt #bostonstrong #nation @whitehouse’ ‘I’ve never been more proud to be from New England. #BostonStrong’
A3 Community events and rituals, including sport games (Red Sox, Celtics, players, etc.), parades, etc. ‘It’s like a superbowl parade on the streets of Watertown with residents thanking #firstresponders. #heroes #bostonproud #BostonStrong #fb’ ‘Great pre-game ceremony at Fenway Park #BostonStandsAsOne #BostonStrong and one time only #letsgosoxs’
A4 Expressing concern, emotion (empathy, sorrow, anger, confusion, terrified feelings, etc), comfort, or wishes for good outcomes regarding bombing or people loved/affected ‘Can’t sleep. What an awful day for Boston and America.. #prayforboston’ ‘Damn! Now 3 people announced dead. I’m legit getting really angry now #prayforboston’ ‘The thought of people I love being in that kind of danger alone makes me so sick. I LOVE you all #prayforboston’ ‘Keeping Boston in my prayers #prayforboston’
A5 Comments with a viewpoint, expressing a perspective that can be used to consider or experience the bombing events or calling for actions using a particular perspective ‘Sometimes you just have to be thankful that you at least made it to today. Someone else might not have been as fortunate #prayforboston’ ‘Was gonna tweet about how much I hate waking up for class but the fact that I get to wake up each day is a privilege #PrayForBoston’ ‘It’s truly eye-opening when the unimaginable hits so close to home. To think some live w/ such fear everyday #prayforboston #prayforhumanity’
A6 Questioning ‘prayforboston’ ‘For those who say thoughts and prayers for Boston, actually say a prayer and not just make a status for the attention #prayforboston’
A7 Cynical or condemning comments ‘You go to watch a movie, you get shot. You go to school, you get shot. You run a marathon, you get bombed #WelcomeToAmerica #PrayForBoston’